The Company

How we started

If you've been wondering, "where did this idea come from, anyway?" here's the answer:

The original founders, David Roth and Rick Bacher, were inspired to create Cereality to celebrate the very personal nature of enjoying a good bowl of cereal, anywhere and at any time. All around them, people seemed obsessed with satisfying their cravings well beyond their kitchen tables, no matter how inconvenient:

  • The buttoned-up executive on Wall Street who regularly sneaks Cocoa Puffs behind his desk at three in the afternoon.
  • The first-year college student who can't write a paper without a box of cereal at his or her disposal.
  • And new moms who would never leave home without diapers and a secret stash of Cheerios.

It's a life-long staple, and yet nobody had ever figured out a way to make it work in fast food, until now.